Skyx technology

What is Skyx?

Skyx is an agriculture technology company disrupting spraying industry by developing the "brain" for a group of modular and autonomous spraying robots. We started with multiple drones working together.

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precise, safe, affordable agriculture

Humans manually and intensively spray agriculture farmlands: by flying airplanes, driving tractors, or walking with back-packs. This leads to the following inefficiencies:
1. The direct and indirect cost of this operation (excluding the pesticides) is very high
2. The accuracy level is poor (especially in complex terrain, and close to obstacles). Diseases that may harm the entire farmland start at the locations that were not sprayed properly
3. The availability is limited (airplanes at night, tractors after rain). On-demand during catastrophes, or specific time-windows cannot be served
4. Working closely with pesticides is dangerous

Therefore, we believe that humans should not (and in the future will not) spray fields.
In addition to today’s problems, modern farming requires precision spraying – the ability to target specific spots, or to diverse the pesticides along the field. This cannot be done with the available machinery and mode of operation.

Skyx product

You push a button and a group of robots spray your farmland.
Skyx product activates a group of modular and autonomous agriculture spraying robots.
>> Group: the ability to operate simultaneously multiples robots
>> Modular: the ability to operate different types of robots, and to allocate to each robots his dedicated mission
>> Autonomous: complete operation, including the ability to bypass unexpected obstacles

There is no need to install the product on each robot.
Skyx product is for agriculture spraying service providers, and not for growers. For our customers we pave the way towards unmanned agriculture spraying and bring significant cost reduction, precision agriculture spraying, high availability and safety.

Proprietary algorithms for complex space coverage (including static and dynamic obstacles), real time operation for multiple robots, and homogeneous spraying.
The innovative agriculture-technology “compiles” the terrain + crops + pesticides + the available machinery into an optimized mission planning, mission control, and auto-piloting of the robots.

The Skyx story

The company

Skyx was founded by Eylon Sorek and Dr. Itzik Turkel. The team works intensively with specialty crops growers, tier-1 aerial operator, tier-1 pesticides vendor, and drone builders. The company was accelerated at MassChallange and was selected by Strauss-Virginia tech program to develop its business in the US.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you would like to ask or suggest something, join our team, or just to say hello: skyx.web [AT]